Saturday, October 3, 2009

ESX Test sever hardware

Here are the specs for my ESX test server

  • Intel S5000PSL motheboard
  • Intel Chassis SC5299-E
  • 2 Intel 5160 dual core processors
  • 4GB of FB RAM (4 1GB sticks)
  • LSI PCI-X MegaRaid card
  • 1 73GB 15K SCSI drive fro ESX boot datastore
  • 1 500GB SATA drive for Guest storage

Planned upgrades

  • Addition of the SCSI cage AXX6SCSIDB to handle 6 scsi disks
  • Removal of the SATA disk cage
  • Addition of 6 73GB or 146GB disks for storage
  • Addition of IBM ServeRAID 6M to handle SCSI disks in a logical array


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