Friday, October 29, 2010

Installng Zabbix appliance into Virtualbox with VMDK to VDI conversion

     OK, I know the title is a little long, but it is descriptive. Yesterday I stumbled across the Zabbix appliance and wanted to see what it could do.
     Well I am still checking out Zabbix, but I wanted to see if I could run the Zabbix appliance using VirtualBox's native disk format VDI instead of the originally provided VMDK virtual disk.

     First off adding the VMDK into VirtualBox is easy as cake

  1. Download the appliance from
  2. Extract the VMDK and VMX files.
  3. By looking at the VMX file, you notice the parameters that are pertinent to create
    1. OS: Linux
    2. Version: OpenSUSE
    3. Memory: 512MB
    4. Storage Controller: SATA
    5. Network Attached Adapter: Bridged
    6. Adapter type Intel PRO/1000 MT
  4. Copy the VMDK to where you keep your VDI files, go to the Virtual Media Manager and add the disk to the list, then attach the disk to the SATA adapter and away you go.  
    For me it started up fine the first time without any problems.
    Now for the fun part; converting the file to VDI

    Use the following command:

         vboxmanage.exe clonehd \file.vmdk zabbix.vdi --format vdi

   Now you just go to the Virtual Media Manager and attach the VDI and away you go.  The one thing that I did learn is that you need to convert the VMDK to a VDI before you start up the machine the first time.  So if you did the test with at the top of the article, just delete it and pull a new copy of the VMDK from the archive you download.


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