Tuesday, January 15, 2013

DLNA Servers for Windows

Know this is a little off base for my blog, but hey it is kind of virtual, and it is useful.  The other day I picked up a new Blue-Ray player and it had DLNA capabilities, so I wanted to try it and test it out with a DLNA server.

Did some research with Wikipedia and the one product came to the front, Mezzemo.  I gave it a try and while the software was easy to set up, I was having a very difficult time to get it to work with my Sony BDP-S590, and only 1 file was playing.  Did some further research and there were many other persons saying that this model was giving it some problem.

So today I was doing some work with my DivX player and noticed that the DivX player has a streaming option.  Confirmed it was a DLNA server and it is easy to setup

Well turned it on, added a folder and tried it.  It works beautifully. I can play .AVI, MKV, MP4, and M4V files without any issue.  Can fast-forward and rewind with no issues.  Bar none, works with no issue, and I strongly recommend it.  The only issue I could see is that I need to have the player running, unlike a service, but for perfectly playing files to a Blu-Ray player over wireless, that is a very, very small issue.


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